photographer + visual artist

artist statement

Making photos allows me to connect my emotions with the reality around me.

The act of registering the light reflected or hidden by objects, persons, buildings or different elements on nature, represents to me a creative and liberating action, that give course to numerous inquietudes that only the camera allows me to express.

The act of deciding includes choosing as well as letting go.  Borrowing the reflections of light of only a few elements from my environment in a fraction of time, is an exercise that makes me to observe, listen and transcribe  as precise as possible my interpretation through a camera.

On the other hand, my work with objects is more than just and sculptural intention, it is a search to create emotional X-Rays. Essentially it is an autobiographic work, where I write with objects of which I feel an special attraction and when I see them integrated as a piece, I feel myself looking to a self-portrait of an specific stage of my life.